Other Breast Procedures

The following are breast procedures that are commonly performed in the context of management of breast conditions:

1.) Hookwire guided Wide Local Excision: This involves the insertion of a hookwire to localize a lesion that is not palpable in order to guide the surgeon in removing the correct area of tissue. The hookwire is inserted under ultrasound or mammographic guidance prior to surgery.

2.) Microdochectomy: Removal of a milk duct underneath the nipple. This is usually performed to investigate the cause of nipple discharge

3.) Total Duct Excision: Removal of all milk ducts underneath the nipple. This is performed to determine and treat the cause of nipple discharge.

4.) Nipple reconstruction: This is performed following a mastectomy and reconstruction. Local skin flap is used and rotated to form a new nipple which is tattooed subsequently. A free nipple graft can also be used by using tissue from the opposite side.

5.) 2nd Stage procedures: In the context of breast reconstruction, this may be in the form of a breast reduction, breast lift or breast augmentation of the opposite breast to achieve better symmetry.

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